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On Monday January 30th 2005, CBC aired a special called "Shakin' All Over". Based on rock critic Nick Jenning's  seminal book " Before The Gold Rush - Flashbacks to the Dawn of Canadian Sound", this documentary takes viewers  back to the birth of Canadian Rock n' Roll.
Robbie Lane and the Disciples are featured in clips from the "GO-GO 66" and "It's Happening" TV shows along with recent interviews with Robbie talking about his part in the making of rock and roll entertainment in Canada. This Canadian "Rockumentry" was released on DVD in Dec.2007 and is now available in stores. www.emimusic.ca

2008 will mark the release of the
Robbie Lane and The Disciples first album "It's Happening" on CD. This release will also include more DVD footage from the T.V. shows not available on the 'Shakin' All Over' DVD.

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